▷ Christian Quotes on Birthday with Nice Images for a friend, son, daughter, sister, brother

Short Happy Birthday Quotes for man, woman, daughter, son, christian images on birthday with quotes by Mery Bracho.

Christian Quotes on Birthday with Nice Images for a friend, son, daughter, sister, brother.

Christian Happy Birthday Quotes. Birthday God Bless you Wishes for your Friend. 

Congratulations to your dear friend. These selection of short birthday messages, a memorable Christian dedication that he or she will always remember with appreciation. Read the following quotes: 

Christian Birthday Phrases. Birthday Short Messages for a Brother or Sister.

May God bless your life, 
give you what your heart desires 
and may this day shine 
with His light and love. 
Happy Birthday to you. 

Today is a beautiful day 
because you brighten it up, 
it has all your light, 
all your desire to live 
and to see others happy too. 
Love, seek your purposes 
and live intensely your life. 

May your dreams come true, 
May God bless you today 
and tomorrow. 
Have a great time and 
a happy birthday. 

You’re a beautiful person, 
I admire the way you are, 
Congratulations on your birthday. 

Achieve many successes 
in your following years, 
with the help of God, 
His light will be on your way 
and you will enjoy his great love. 

christian birthday blessings for my son


May God help you to be always 
obedient to his principles, 
following His will so 
you will receive riches, 
honor and life. 
Happy birthday. 

God will always keep his promises 
and he will do it with love. 
He’s always around of those who love him 
That’s why He’s blessing you. 
Happy Birthday. 
If God decides how many stars 
there must be, 
and He knows them all, 
Imagine the things he’ll do for you. 

Congratulations on your birthday, 
keep the faith, the hope 
and love near you. 
God has given you unforgettable times, 
that you keep seeing his hand 
of blessing around you. 

Congratulations on that. 
You enjoy your birthday. 

birthday christian quotes blessing


We believe that God is great 
and it’s powerful. 
We believe that 
He is the same as yesterday, 
we think he owns 
of all the wealth of the world, 
as you also believe 
trusts that He will grant 
the requests of your heart. 
Congratulations on your birthday. 

"The Lord bless you 
and keep you; 
the Lord look at you with pleasure 
and spread his love to you; 
the Lord show you his favor 
and grant you peace." 
Happy Birthday to you. 

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Verse of Blessings on your birthday 
"May the Lord bless you 
and keep you. 
May the Lord smile down on you
and show you his kindness. 
May the Lord answer your prayers 
and give you peace." 
Happy Birthday to you. 
Numbers 6:24-26 


God’s promise on your birthday, long life. 
"You will live longer because of me, 
and years will be added to your life." 
Proverbs 9:11 

In seeking the wisdom that God offers you 
will have a long life, 
you will be blessed and will be very happy. 

The principle of wisdom is 
respect for the Lord. 

God is honored by our seeking
for His presence, 
for loving Him and obeying Him 
so that we may do well. 

My wish for you on this new birthday is 
that youwill be wise 
so that your time in this world 
may be long and with many blessings. 

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This verse is for you 
on your birthday. 

"May he grant you your heart’s desire 
and fulfill all your plans." 
Psalm 20:4 

This Bible verse is special to you, 
it has everything I desire 
on this birthday day, 
when God gives you 
one more year of life. 

First, I thank Him 
for the long life he has given you 
and now I ask God to grant you 
for what you long for, 
that the things you’re planning 
can work out for you. 
Happy birthday and great success. 

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Dear friend, You are a gift from God to us. Enjoy every moment of this great day! Happy birthday. 

Friend, may the love of Jesus bright your present and future and fill you with so much happiness that comes from his grace and greatness. I wish you the best Happy birthday ever! 

Wishing you a year full of God’s love and blessing. Happy Birthday! 

On this special day, my prayer is that God will show His grace and mercy upon your life. Enjoy your birthday with your friends and family, God bless you! 

May the God gives you strength to take you through every tough situation. May your heart be filled with His love. May you keep in mind that the hands of God are ready to help you in all you need. He will guide you along the way. Happy Birthday! 

Religious, Blessed Christian Birthday Messages 

May God’s love be on you forever. I pray His goodness never leave you. Happy Birthday dear friend! 

May Jesus, who is the light of the world, shine every day on you, may He fill your life with happiness and blessings. Happy Birthday! 

Celebrate with your friends these special birthday moments. God bless you and help you everyday. Live with joy and happiness. Happy birthday. 

Open your eyes, dear friend, appreciate the wonders of His hands upon you. Wishing you all the best of everything! Enjoy your Blessed and Happy Birthday. 

May the Lord fill this day with love, peace and joy. Enjoy all the blessings that come from his grace and love, Celebrate your Happy Birthday! 

May the love of Jesus bring hope and joy to your life on this special day and the years to come. Blessed Birthday! 

May your special day be full
of God’s rich blessings.

May all your dreams come true,
I wish that God will respond
to your requests
and give you his help
in everything you need.
Happy Birthday!

On your birthday
I feel happy because
God has been good to you,
He has shown you his love
and his goodness
throughout your life.
May you have joy and victories.

Short Happy Birthday Quotes for man, woman, daughter, son, christian images on birthday with quotes by Mery Bracho.
Birthday Christian Phrases

Happy Birthday,
the Lord loves you,
protects you and blesses you,
He wants what is best for you,
go forward with his strength.

He will open new ways for you.
You will enjoy the journey to your goals
and will be saved from all evil.

On your birthday, my big wish
is that your life
may shine as the light of the morning,
God will give you a great life.
May your light shines in all its splendor
because the Lord is with you,
His light guides you.

may the Lord bless you greatly,
keep you under their wings.
The Lord wants great things for you,

Short Happy Birthday Quotes for man, woman, daughter, son, christian images on birthday with quotes by Mery Bracho.