Best Wishes with Birthday Blessings, Religious Phrases for Friend, Brother, Sister, Daughter, Son.

A birthday is a special date, we celebrate it with joy once a year, it is the best date of the year for that person who was born on such a wonderful day that God gave him or her.

Bless the Lord for your friend's birthday, consider yourself lucky if you reach a new year with life and health.

This is a great day for most people, the day that some people celebrate with friends and family.

Every year the children are getting more mature, the young people are becoming adults, and the adults are getting older.

Birthday is important for the family, not just for the birthday boy or girl. These beautiful Christian wishes are positive thoughts to say on this unique date.

]Write these christian phrases on a card, send them by message or call him or her and have it ready to tell that nice greeting.

Christians trust in God's blessing so we give messages with Christian meaning to our family and friends on birthday.

Express your christian congratulations with a warm birthday greeting, you can also add an image with words of good wishes with verses from the Bible chosen for this unique and special occasion.

God's blessing brings joy and hope, a good Christian trusts that his or her blessings come as a gift from the Lord.

Best Wishes with Birthday Blessings, Religious Phrases for a Friend, Brother, Sister, Daughter, Son.

Christian quotes with birthday greetings.

Happy Birthday. May the Lord bless you with a long life full of his light, may he illuminate your steps and may you have joy along the way.

What a joy it is to know that you are in God's thoughts, that He wants the best for your life, He will bless you and you will see the fulfillment of your dreams. Amen. Congratulations on your birthday.

I will ask God to bless you, to give you strength, peace and health. God is good and his goodness is for each of those who follow his way. Happy Birthday.

Congratulations, today you celebrate with joy. May God bless you and keep you safe. Always look ahead, with his peace you can have peace in life and you can be happy. God is by your side. Happy Birthday.

Blessings and congratulations today on your birthday. God is your strength, your helper and your great friend. With his light you see the light along your way.

Hi friend, congratulations on your birthday. May the Lord bless you with his wonderful light, to keep you in peace, without worry, always trusting in his power and love.

Nice birthday phrases for a friend

My friend, you're a person with so many virtues that you surprise me. May you go ahead with all the things you planned. Happy Birthday.

Friend, today when you turn to your new year, I thank God for everything he has given you.

I ask Him to always help you in every situation, to be your joy, your hope and your strength. May you have a blessed birthday.

Friend, today God bless you with a beautiful day, Blessings on your birthday. May you eat lots of cake with your loved ones.

Good birthday wishes for a friend when I'm far away, in the distance.

Enjoy your birthday cake, I will be far away even when we won't be able to share your cake  I wish you a new birthday very blessed.

Eat your cake and thank God that you are accompanied by some of the people who love you. Happy Birthday.

Short birthday religious wishes for my Daughter

Daughter, you are beautiful, today I want to thank God for everything He has given you and I ask Him to help you fulfill your dreams. Happy birthday.

Daughter, it's great that God gives you a new year, happy birthday. The Lord will give you his light and all his help in this way that you are still on trusting in his care and love. Congratulations on your birthday.

Christian birthday phrases for my Son

Son, today is a good opportunity to sing and praise the Lord for the blessing of giving you a new year, happy birthday. May you enjoy this day, the months that will follow, the years to come in health and blessing.

Son, celebrate God's divine love for you, you are in his hands and under his blessing and care. Happy Birthday. Always Praise the Lord because our help comes from him.  

Every birthday that comes is a special gift from God to you. Today you receive it again, but the best thing you can always have is God's presence in your life that will help you to carry on with your life with firm steps in Him. Son, Happy Birthday.

Short religious message,  nice birthday phrases for a brother

Brother, you are a very dear and special person to me, you work very hard to give the best to your family. I ask God to bless you very much in this new year of life. Happy Birthday.

Brother, do not worry about putting so many candles on the cake, you can cause a fire, haha, the important thing is that you are happy and blessed, happy birthday. God blesses you and always will, that's wonderful.

Friend, may God give you his favor and all his love, may he bless the work you do.  Congratulations on your birthday


Good Birthday Religious Wishes for a Sister

Sister, how nice to celebrate your birthday with you.  The Lord is your refuge forever.  God will continue to give you strength to go on and will help you in every situation that comes your way. Happy Birthday. 

Sister, may the sweet presence of the Lord guide you in everything, happy birthday.  May you live each day with wisdom so that your plans will be realized with his blessing.  God is faithful and will help you.  Blessings. 

Celebrate your birthday, Sister, God gives you his great love, his mercy blesses you every morning, every afternoon and every night.  Thank the Lord for the wonderful things you have received and share your joys with others.  Receive a big hug from me. 

Sister, Happy Birthday.  Every day you see the great goodness of the Lord because He is faithful and will always help you, protect you and guide you.  Let us celebrate his love every day, not just on your birthday.  You are a unique and special creation that God made. Congratulations.  

It's so nice that you can give thanks to the Lord for your birthday. 

You can send a religious birthday card saying in simple and beautiful words your Christian good wishes of faith and blessings for that birthday person. 

 You can use some of the pictures as cards to attach to this holiday occasion or you can even call the person on their cell phone and say your words of congratulations.   

I hope that this selection of Christian birthday pictures and phrases will be very useful when you have to congratulate friends or family.  
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