Religious Christian Birthday Wishes and Quotes.

Religious Christian Birthday Wishes and Quotes. 

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These Christian birthday messages are designed for you to bless your friends and family.  You can choose a phrase from many quotes to wish the person you admire a happy birthday.

The message of good blessings, happiness and Christian well-being will always be welcomed. Tell the birthday friend that God bless you, to expand the phrase and share it on his favorite social network via smartphone, computer or tablet.

Early in the morning, you can start sending birthday wishes so your friends can see it all day long, you will celebrate the lives of your loved ones, and they will be blessed. May God bless any  birthday you are celebrating today, for your  friend, sister, son, daughter or brother. May happiness fill him or her with joy. 

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Christian birthday text messages, phrases

* May God fill you with joy, fulfill your wishes and enrich your life so that you can always move forward with faith and hope and achieve your goals. happy Birthday.

* Today, you must celebrate your birthday in a great way, because it is an important day for a great person like you. Congratulations and wish you all the best in the new year God has given you.

* Receive the rain of happy blessings, and may God give you a wonderful birthday. 

* May God smile at you and give you peace and prosperity. Congratulations on your happy birthday.

* I thank God for you, thank him for what he did, what he does and everything he will do in your life. happy Birthday. God created you with a beautiful purpose. You are still in his plan, congratulations on your birthday.

* Today, I want to behave well, I want to dress better, because I want to eat your cake. Happy birthday and have a good time with our dear God.

* Every day, you become more beautiful, this is the beauty given by God. happy Birthday.

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Happy Birthday. God has given you life, he fills you with love every day, he gives you confidence, and you will achieve your goals with his great help.

 May you never stop dreaming and waiting for God, because God will give you the strength and courage to move forward without looking back and you will be full of hope. 

Seeking more wisdom, more spiritual depth, and prudence will always be a good idea. Self-control will give you the courage to face greater challenges. Congratulations, celebrate with God's blessing,  He is always full of his pure and wonderful love.

happy Birthday. God bless you and take care of you

Happy Birthday. 

God Bless you and take care of you.

Today is a very special day because you are super special.

On a day like today, you come to show your gratitude to God, and will receive God’s blessing.

Many people have shown you love, which is really great, I hope the biggest and best thing in your life, you are such a great person.



The birthday of your Christian friend, your brother in Christ or that neighbor who loves God has arrived. I suggest using 10 inspirational phrases to express a beautiful Christian birthday message. You can give him some phrases on Facebook or Twitter, or simply call him and give him a well-deserved congratulatory word. 

You can add Christian promises or achievement scriptures to supplement the Christian message. In other parts of the blog, you will find many Christian phrases with bible scriptures.

Happy birthday to you. Thank God for your life, for the present and the future he has prepared for you. May you always feel God’s protection throughout your long and happy life. 

Happy Birthday. There is nothing better than the love of God, so I hope that love can completely cover you and fill you with his sweetness. happy Birthday.

 happy Birthday. May the wonderful peace of the Lord fill your heart, remove all worries, and provide everything you ask for according to his wonderful wealth.

happy Birthday. The smile you reflect is a sign of your happiness. I hope you will spend the new year in happiness, and God is here to express you his eternal and beautiful love. 

I am very glad that you walk the path of truth and light, because you will be blessed by God there. Congratulations on your birthday and the future.

The virtues given by God are the way before you. Always follow the steps of his love. happy Birthday. 

The showers of blessing are always on you. happy Birthday. I thank God for making you so beautiful and special, and thank him and  that all the talents you have can be used in the work for the Lord. Continue to give your talents to Him, and He will bless your life in a wonderful way. happy Birthday.

Praise the Lord who started a good job in you, will continue to do it until the day of Jesus Christ. happy Birthday.

Today is a very special day because you are so special. May the Lord bless you and gives you the desire of your heart.

Happy birthday to you. Blessings

Happy birthday to you. It is a good thing to have new opportunities and new vision of success. Thank God for everything that has been given to you over the years, because you have been living in His great love. May the river blessed by God always satisfy you, fill you up. Always follow the Lord’s teachings and live under his cover and care.

Blessings, Happy Birthday. It is good that you have new opportunities, new horizons ahead of you to succeed.

Thank God for everything that has been given to you over the years, because you have been living in His great love. May the river blessed by God always satisfy your thirst, satisfy you, fill you up, always follow the Lord’s teaching, and live under his cover and care. God’s loyalty is unlimited. He showed that he loves you. Today you can tell his miracles and continue to celebrate the years to come. Don’t stop talking about what he has done for you.


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"Happy birthday we wish you" is not enough for your friend, friend, or family member who is on their Birthday, congratulate them with one of these short phrases that are Christian messages of great meaning and will bless the life of that person.

Congratulations on your happy birthday. God bless you with a good life. Move on with great joy, perseverance and strength.

It is so good to know that God loves you,  He is your happiness, your peace and hope. happy Birthday.

Happy birthday, God gives you all his blessings. Believe in his love, He will never leave you.

May you continue to reach new heights, new goals, and become a big tree near the water of life with good fruits. blessings! happy Birthday.

Congratulations, you are a victorious person, because God loves you and will love you, if you follow him faithfully, he will lead you to victory in every area of ​​life. happy Birthday.

 I believe you will be blessed in the new year and will do your best to prepare for the realization of your dreams. Congratulations on your birthday. 

Celebrate the good life God has given you. He gives you his kindness. happy Birthday.


For our friends, it is important that we remember their birthdays and congratulate your friends, friends, brothers or sisters with these Christian phrases.

 I wish you a happy birthday today, a whole year filled with peace and joy. Blessings.

May you have a wonderful day. The Lord gives you mercy every morning. Success in the year you started.

I wish you a happy birthday, and may happiness be with you forever, follow God's will for you. 

May God continue to give you his wisdom, joy, and peace among all things, and may your dreams come true. 

May ypu  be filled with His blessings, I wish you a happy birthday. God will do great things with you and we will have joy. happy Birthday.

I wish you a happy new year, a healthy family, may the Lord grant you all peace. Congratulations!  Happy birthday, brother.

 Receive my hug and best wishes for a year with a loving God. 

Congratulations, blessings for the new year. May you be healthy, love your family and everyone else, and have firm beliefs.

happy Birthday! May God bless your walk, and may you always shine like a star in the sky. 

Friend, you are special! God bless you every step you take, think and act. happy Birthday! 


Congratulate your friends or special friends with one of these short "Christian birthday" messages, write on their Facebook wall, Twitter status, send via pin or cell phone message or call by phone, surprised them with your birthday quotes. 

Today is a special day because we remember your birth. I am happy for everything that God has given you, and all the abilities and blessings you have received over the years. happy Birthday!

God walks with you every day, he will not leave you or abandon you. You can live forward and the road will be prosperous. Happy birthday, keep your promises. 

Congratulations, we added another candle to your cake because it contains many achieved goals and paths that God allows you to pass. Go ahead, don’t be afraid, come up with new plans, and may the Lord’s blessing be with you. happy Birthday!

May the Lord protect you, help you choose the best person, fill you with his peace, and purify you with his great love and goodness every day. happy Birthday! 

May the new year be one filled with happiness for you and your family, allowing you to plant all the good fruits in the hearts of others and growing in the love of the Lord. Congratulations and get my hug! 

May the Lord guide you, meet your needs, bring you health. Wishing you a happy life and healthy body and mind. Happy Birthday.

When your source of blessings is God, there is no doubt that in this new New Year we celebrate today, blessings will be abundant in you. Receive my congratulations and best wishes to make your future happy.

Every day, you look more beautiful, happier, and more fulfilled. Happy birthday, hugs and kisses! 

On a day like today, a very special person was born, his beauty and light shining on this world! Congratulations on your happy birthday,  May blessings flows to you.

By Mery Bracho

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