Happy Birthday Nice Christian Quotes and Image

Happy Birthday.
You are a unique creation of God,
there is no one like you,
with all your qualities
and even with your stuff from time to time,
the truth is  that this time  should be celebrated,
Have a happy birthday.

No matter how old you are
or how you got here
the important thing is that you have
people who appreciate you, love you,
entertains you, admire you
and there are even some who annoy you, haha,
but that's life, enjoy,
HabrĂ¡n 365 days to be fill with your acitons
and will be more to your account
so you tell us then
all these beautiful experiences
that you are adding as the days pass.
Never stop dreaming and go forward
to each of your dreams.
God's blessing be with you.

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