Blessings. Birthday Wishes for my Son. Birthday phrases, Christian images, Bible verses.

image with bible verse Isaiah 40.10 for my son on his birthday

Today is your son's birthday, maybe you want to express as his mom, your congratulations with blessed Bible verses, they are meaningful christian messages with good wishes for his life. 

Each Bible word has good cheer up words for your child to remember not only on his birthday but every day of his long life.  

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Christian Birthday Wishes with images for a Son

christian birthday card for a son with blessings. Happy birthday

Are you looking for blessings and christian quotes for your son’s birthday?

Give positive christian quotes to your son wishing him Happy Birthday with all the blessings we are suggesting.

Here are some Birthday christian phrases and some verses for your son to wish him the happiest birthday ever.
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Birthday Wishes for my Sister. Christian quotes and Bible Verse

religious spiritual quotes for my sister happy birthday sis

Birthday Wishes for my Sister. Christian quotes and Bible Verse

We know everyday is a good day to say a meaningful quote for someone we love. But a birthday is a great chance to tell your sister that she will always be so special to you. She is part of your family and for you maybe is your most important person.
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Blessings. Birthday wishes for a son. Bible verses for my Son's Birthday


God bless you christian birthday for my son blessing

On your son’s birthday, make him feel very special, show him your love, tell him how much you love him. Share some meaningful bible verses and wishes with your son. Time flies, but you can celebrate this year together, keep good memories and take lots of pictures.

Tell your child how important his life is for you. Your child will always be your little boy. These Happy Birthday Wishes for a Son are just for him, make it last in his mind through your great wishes. 
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Happy Birthday God bless you. 14 Bible verses for Birthdays

Happy Birthday to your dear one. It is a reason to celebrate and thank God that you have a person to whom the Lord has given a new birthday. Much more important than having a birthday cake or gifts, is that your loved one knows the love that God has for him or her expressed in God's Word.

These Bible verses are very good for you to send your friend or relative your most sincere congratulations. The good birthday wishes accompanied by the Word of God are powerful Christian messages that will bless the life of the birthday person.

These birthday bible verses are biblical promises that will always serve to bless the life of the one who celebrates another year of life.

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