It´s my Birthday. Christian Birthday Card

free christian birthday card happy birthday to me
It´s my Birthday. Christian Birthday Card
Today is my birthday. It is a special day
that I celebrate life and care that God has
in my life, his protection and wisdom.

I Thank God for giving me
another year of life.
I thank God
for the joy of seeing new days,
for the blessing of health,
for the joy of having a family,
for the privilege of having special friends,
for the peace of my heart,
for  success in his goodness he has given me,
for the love that stays with hope
and faith and together they are an example
that God has never left me
even in my times of burdens,
He has been faithful, wonderful and I thank Him
for all he gives me and for what is yet to come.
Happy Birthday to me!
My own birthday card, free happy birthday of myself. Free image for my birthday facebook status, by Mery Bracho.