Beautiful Birthday Messages, Christian Quotes

Nice birthday greetings to wish the best to that special person, a friend or a family member.
Beautiful Birthday Messages, Christian Quotes
Happy birthday.
You are a very special person
I wish you the best in the world,
that He grant your desires.
Happy birthday.

There is no doubt that you are
a unique person,
with many skills,
with a great heart full of love
and with a joy that characterizes it,
Congratulations on your birthday,
may God bless you always.

Congratulations, a birthday
is always special,
I thank God
for letting me to know
a person as nice as you
and today I want to make sure
that you know that I would like
showers of blessings
for you and for your whole family.
Happy birthday.

Congratulations Birthday Phrases

May today be an unforgettable day,
special, unique, with fun,
Enjoy your birthday,
I wish you the best.

Blessings on your birthday,
it was a beautiful day,
follow your dreams and
dream big.

I just want to let
you know that you are
a great person,
beautiful inside and out
and to whom I wish a
happy birthday.

May God guide you every day,
go with joy
in your way of happiness.
Beautiful Birthday time.

May God guide you
along the way,
go joyful.
Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday images with beautiful birthday messages, phrases of motivation for birthday. Christian birthday images by Mery Bracho.