Beautiful letter to my beloved sister on her birthday. Happy Birthday, Sis 💖 Quotes

When we have a sister we love very much and she has a birthday, we want to surprise her not only with a good birthday gift but also with beautiful words that she will always remember.

When we congratulate our sister we remember experiences that we spent together but above all we want to leave her words that fill her heart with joy.

This blessings message for your sister is designed in the form of a letter for you to send to your beloved sister on her birthday.

💖 God bless you, Dear Sister. Happy Birthday.

Beautiful letter to my beloved sister on her birthday. Happy Birthday, Sis 💖 Quotes

Dear Sister,

Today you woke up with the joy of knowing that God has opened a new chapter in your life. It is truly a special day, Happy Birthday!

I celebrate that God has given you life, that you came to bless everyone around you. 

In my heart there is joy and it is full of gratitude to God for having the joy of having a sister like you because you are very precious.

I appreciate very much the shared moments and experiences, the past experiences, good and not so good. I believe that they have made you a brave and firm woman.

Thank the Lord for your life that is like a light set up high where everyone can see the clarity.

In all this time God has shown you His love, at all times He has been faithful and kind.

Today we celebrate your birthday with joy. 

You are a blessing. You deserve to enjoy your day and share with loved ones that God has been good, that He has shown His mercy every morning since you were born.

Sister, you have a faith that fills us with hope, we can see that God answers your prayers and encourages us to believe that he can also answer ours.

With your way of living you reflect peace and great love. Thank you for showing faith with your actions. Words and actions in your case go hand in hand.

You have been a great example to all, not only to the other family members but to all who have known you. Your faithful service and compassion are very special.
I want to share with you some Bible verses that have been a blessing to my life and I know it will be to your life as well.

"Trust in the Lord totally, not in your own wisdom. Be mindful of God in everything you do, and he will help you live righteously." Proverbs 3:5-6 (PDT).

When you have plans for your future, trust in the Lord. He can give you direction or give you better plans that follow His will. 

 I also encourage you to trust the Lord when things are not going well in any area of your life or family. God is still in control and will give the necessary way out.

The bible is our best manual to live righteously . It never runs out of a suitable word for every situation. I know you love the Lord, pray and read His Word. That gives you a big advantage compared to people who do not have the Lord.

Dear sister, God guide you and give you wisdom. I ask God to give you prosperity and many successes. I love you very much and always wish the best for you.

Your sister who loves you.

Sister, may God grant you with great peace and blessings in this new year of life. Happy birthday.

Dear sister, God's love for you is unique and wonderful. Happy birthday.

Sister, I ask the Lord to fill you with his great love, it is a love that will always flow from his heart, embrace you and bless your life. Happy Birthday, Sis.

Sister, may you receive blessings and joy, Jesus Christ is your way, when you put your eyes on Him you will always find the counsel of the Holy Spirit guiding your steps. Happy birthday. 

Sister, trust in God always, he will give you a long life with his care and his sweet and wonderful love. Happy birthday.

Sister, I love you. Happy birthday.